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Transgender Date
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Transgender dating site is a professional online dating platform that avails members the opportunity of meeting and connecting with persons of like interest and desires. It is a site where women and men in the United States, whether black or white, can meet to discuss diverse issues, majorly relationship. Apart from men looking for women and men looking for women, men and women can also look for people of the same gender to connect with.



  • $25 for 12 Months Membership

Creating Account

The peculiarity of the site is built upon the fact that issues that are not directly connected with dating, such as politics and social issues, can be discussed on the site using the online forum. There is no specific qualification to join the community, thus, people of different background, academic status, experience and view about life and dating can be met on the site. More fun is added to the community by the fact that you can write and read interesting, entertaining and enlightening blog posts.

Becoming a member of Transgender is straight to the point and easy. There is no complicated procedure involved in creating an account. It takes just one step of providing your email address, choosing a password, providing your postal/zip code in order to know who you are and stating the type of people you want to meet (male or female). To confirm who you are, you have to verify your account in three easy steps of taking a picture with your verification code and uploading it. The whole of the signing up process takes less than three minutes.

Main Features

Transgender has a lot of outstanding features which makes it different from other online dating sites. Every member has a member control panel from where they can quickly navigate from reading mail, checking notification, managing photo and account setting. Another important feature is the members’ blog. The site allows you to write blogs and read other members blog. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to be an expert writer to use this feature. All you need are basic skills which will allow people understand your posts.

The Forum, as a feature of the site, allows you to do a wide variety of things. You can read Transgender announcement, use Transgender support to get answers to your questions on navigating transgender, engage in general discussion on any topic, give suggestion to Transgender, get dating and health tips and discuss political and social issues using the Transgender Forum. On the mail feature, you can check inbox, compose and send mail and go through your saved and sent mail. This makes Transgender perform the basic functions of an email.

Search Capabilities

The search capability of Transgender makes it a leading dating site. The search capability is enlarged and improved compared to that of other dating sites. The search feature allows members to quickly search those that are online daily, those that recently updated their profiles, nearby members, online members and specific usernames.


Members can send and receive messages through their mail feature. Members can also engage in instant and private chat. The site claims that members who have profile pictures can use the instant messenger to make instant connection. This makes it possible to chat with other online members on the site.

Privacy and Safety

Transgender is a safe community for members. Every registered member is expected to verify their account. Verify members will display a ‘verified’ shield on their profile to distinguish themselves from members that are not verified. The essence of the verification is to ensure that members are truly who they claim to be, and not spies and intruders. This also gives a signal to members to be wary of divulging relevant information to unverified members.

Editor's Verdict


  • Opportunity to discuss issues that are beyond dating, such as politics, health and social issues
  • Opportunity for members to give suggestions on how they want the community to be operated
  • New members can easily learn how to navigate the site by using the Transgender support/ help desk
  • It is easy to identify those you connect with
  • Email member support
  • Helpful blog posts written by people with different and varied experiences
  • The website is well organized and easy to navigate


  • Unverified users have limited access
  • Verification may take up to 24 hours
  • There are Ads on the site which cost 25 dollars yearly to remove

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