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Butterfly is an online dating platform for majorly transgendered dating. It is a free website for setting up dates between MTF, FTM, Transsexual, Gender fluid and non-binary people. It can be used by single or others in others in other forms of relationships. It is one of the only places on the internet where transgendered and transsexuals can find love without fear of being judged and stereotyped.



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Creating Account

Butterfly has a rigorous registration process, and by rigorous I simply mean that the registration is to verify that you are real and of age. The site asks for your real name, location, birthdate, real profile picture, and a broken-down description of yourself and relationship interests. This process is not stressful at all, just fill in the details and you would be done in no time; that’s if you are real.

Main Features

Butterfly is a free dating website based only and strictly on dating, and not just random hook ups or one night stands. This site focuses on getting good relationships for the transgendered, because of the stigma, vulnerability and public prejudice of our current world. This makes socializing and dating very difficult for the transgendered, and as such, they are forced to live lonely lives.

This site is ideal for long-term commitment because of its strict policy. It allows those that are interested in dating transgendered find a good relationship by offering a safe and discreet platform for finding the right transgendered partner that you would love to grow old with, without any fear of being stereotyped.

Search Capabilities

Butterfly does not make random searches unlike other dating website which sends random profiles to your page, giving you the freewill to “pick your choice” most times. Butterfly tests for compatibility using a unique algorithm system, searching and bringing options that would be most suitable for you depending on your profile and relationship preferences.


Butterfly basically connects you to every other transgender in the world, but would likely connect you to other transgender in your locality or any location of your choice.

Privacy and Safety

The safety and privacy of every member of Butterfly is guaranteed as it assured its members that the site was created to reduce public prejudice and stereotypic reactions from the public. This allows you to communicate and socialize freely, without fear of being judged and stigmatized.

The site also states in its privacy policy that every personal information shared between the site and any of its members would only be used for profile purposes, and would not be revealed to a third-party of any form.

This site keeps every information concerning every of its members confidential, and you can be assured of partner matches.

Editor's Verdict

Does a systematic analysis in selecting partners in order to choose the one that specifically matches the need of a member’s search.

I commend the efforts of this website. They claim to have the best interest of the members at heart, but the full safety of the members is not guaranteed. Anything that happens to any of its members outside the site; during a date, is outside the control of the site. But this is a common disadvantage to most dating sites, and makes the site ideal for transgendered dating.

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