Rays of Hope - New Ways for Transgenders to Find Partners Outside Craigslist T4M

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the transgender topic over the last couple of years. Formal US president Barrack Obama made it possible for transgenders to be recognized, but things are about to change.

The New York Times reported that the president of the United States Donald Trump is fighting hard to revoke the changes made by Barrack Obama with regards to transgender during his administration. He is presently looking for ways to erase the protection of people who are transgender.

To make things worse, Craigslist which was a safe haven for transgenders has closed its doors. You see, there was a section on Craigslist known as-personals section. It was a perfect place for t4m who wants to hang out, communicate or have an encounter.

In this article, we are going to take a close look at what T4M is about and new ways for trans to find partners without stressing their self out.

What is T4m?

T4m which stands for “transsexual, transgendered or transvestite person seeking men” is a term used to refer to a transgendered person who is looking for men to have an encounter with. A personals ad or an online chat platform is usually used.

Why Craigslist m4t section is shutting down?

Craigslist personals section has been an excellent place for strangers who want to explore their sexual desires to hang out and have a good time.

Not too long ago, the services announced that it is going to close the portion of its site where strangers who seek encounters hang out.

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The shocking news came, came two days after the United States Senate voted yes to the bipartisan legislation known as the Enabling Sex Traffickers Act.

All that is left to make the legislation take full effect is the signature of the president of the United States Donald Trump. The legislation will create an exception to Section 240 of the CDA (Communication Decency Act). If this goes into effect, sex trafficking victims will be able to sue the websites or forums that facilitated their abuse.

What the section 230 of the CDA is all about?

The section 230 CDA is a legal protection that shields online companies from being held liable or accountable for the content generated by their users.

Large and small companies affected are expected to accept it with good faith. And look at it as a way to protect their users from, harassing, objectionable, violent, and filthy content.

Truth be told, any service or tool can be misused. And that is why Craigslist said that it is going to take down the personals section of its website.

Yes, the section is still visible on the home page of Craigslist. But clicking it will redirect you to the shocking announcement about its shut down.

Craigslist T4M Alternative

Whether you are a transgender who relies on Craigslist to find a sexual partner or a regular person who has been using Craigslist to find like-minded people, you need to keep it in mind that there are alternatives to it.

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Next, we are going to be looking at some of these alternatives and how you can use them to find sexual partners.


Tsdates is a reputable site that is designed to help transgender individuals who are looking for a sexual encounter. The site has a unique feature known as "what is hot". Clicking the “what’s hot icon” will take you to the list of prominent members on the site, most liked pictures and videos.

The site gives its users the freedom to find people based on location and age. This means that you can locate TS individuals in your area.

Below are some ways you can interact with other users on the site.

  • Chat rooms
  • Instant messaging
  • Site magazine
  • Live web cameras for transmission and watching


Adultfriendfinder is an excellent platform to find transgenders among others. The site has over 77 million users. What makes it different from others out there is that it has an amazing search and discovery option. This is ultimately going to make it easier to find like-minded people in no time. There are several ways you can communicate with people you meet on the site.

The only downside about this site is that the paid membership option doesn’t cover the cost of model videos, points, and academy cost. Despite this, AdultFriendFinder is still one of the best sites on the internet to find transgenders.


Mytransexualdate is one of the leading websites on the internet that is exclusive to transgenders. It was founded in 2014. Since then, it has been lauded by many transgender enthusiasts because of its mission and authentic members.

The was created by a French man married a trans wife. Both of them are committed and dedicated to upholding the status of the transsexuals in the society and to put a permanent end to the negative stereotypes about transgender dating.

Many have described the site as a safe haven for trans to find a partner, date or flirt without fear or judgment. So, if you a trans woman looking for a partner this site will be perfect for you.

Luckyapp.co (App)

This is one best transgender dating app on the planet. It can be used by both Android and IOS devices.

Whether you are interested in transgenders or you want to explore your sexual options, this app will be perfect for you.

The fact that it is super easy to use is what makes it stand out from others out there. The app has thousands of transgender, bisexuals, crossdressers and trans men.

The app can also be used to find people in your locality who want to have an encounter.


For the past two decades, Butterfly have helped a lot of transgenders find partners and ultimately fall in love. The site was created in 2019 and is designed to help transgenders above18 years to meet like-minded people.

The majority of people on the site are from the US. So, if you live in any other country apart of the US, Butterfly will not be good for you.

What make’s Butterfly outstanding is its versatile discovery and search options. Its matching algorithms take account of the data you provided when you signed up. The data is what it uses to find people who you may like.

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How to increase the odds of you finding a TS partner on these sites

Be open minded

Online dating gives you the freedom to talk to and hang out with multiple dates. Don’t abuse this luxury and start eliminating people who don’t meet your unique taste. Keep your expectations low especially when meeting your date in person.

Don’t pretend

Don’t act like somebody you are not or pretend while dating online. Doing this will be damaging to you. How? You see, when you use a fake image or a fake profile to make your date like you, you will never be comfortable or at ease. Also, if your date discovers who you really are he is going to be disappointed. Ignore this warning at your own peril.

Set up your profile properly

The way and manner you set up your profile will determine to a large extent if you will find a dating partner or not. Your profile photo should be attractive. Also, your profile info should be interesting and unique. For example, instead of saying that you have a great sense of humor, you can specify what makes you laugh. If you are not sure if your profile is good, tell a trusted friend to help you check it out.

Don’t troll

Don’t be the creepy dude who sends awkward massages that make people uncomfortable. Be polite, respond to people’s message in a respectful manner. If the transgender dating platform you are using keeps tabs on the number of times you visit a person’s profile, then you should limit your visit to other people’s profile. Ignore this and people will see you as a lurker. You don’t want that.

Be patient

Don’t expect to find to the perfect date overnight. You are likely going to date a lot of people before you find someone that you really like. Diving into an intimate relationship with someone without first getting to know the person is a recipe for disaster.

Final note

As craigslist shut its t4m section doors to transgenders who want to have a great time, other website and apps are opening their doors to Trans to find partners and have an encounter.