A Guide to Dating A Crossdresser And 4 Sites You Should Know

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If you date a cross-dresser, you will have to realize, if you are married, that your husband is not going to stop cross-dressing. You might have to accept his cross-dressing lifestyle [1] which can go much deeper than you think, and embrace it.

Once you have discovered his cross-dressing lifestyle, he might be the one to leave you at the end of a string as to what you are going to do about it. To you, a cross-dresser might occasionally want to cross-dress – something pretty harmless, right? But you don’t realize that he might well have other fetishes that when he goes out, he fulfills them all, maybe even being a submissive and willing partner to being a very dominant partner somewhere else.

If you are dating a cross-dresser

Some women will participate happily along with their boyfriend, and might even keep him happy by occasionally dressing up in lingerie with him and chatting to other men online, making sex appear different, exciting, and fun.

A lot of male crossdressers will be heterosexual or pretend to be heterosexual and even marry

Whether you are dating a cross-dresser, or you intend to marry but have your suspicions about your boyfriend being one, you might need to accept that he is not going to give cross-dressing up for you. It is cross-dressing where his sexual arousal comes from [2]. The heterosexual man might well find his wife attractive and even will remain sexually active with her. But he likes to use women’s clothing to enhance his own sexual experience.

Communication is going to be critical if your boyfriend and your connection are to survive

A cross-dresser man will have to reassure his wife or girlfriend that he finds her sexually attractive whether he cross-dresses or not. He would have to reassure her that cross-dressing is his preference and not obligatory and that she has a choice to opt out at any time. For some men, cross-dressing is their only source of arousal. Even though some cross-dressers are happily married people, they are not going to change their behaviors to suit you.

Four dating sites for crossdressers that will make them happy to be a part of

If you're a cross-dresser, and you love dressing up as a woman, we are going to give you four of the best cross-dresser sites that you can join. Perhaps you are new to the dating scene. You will find these thriving communities that will be happy to celebrate and embrace your cross-dressing lifestyle. It might not be a date you are looking for; it might be just some simple advice. The sites are suitable for both men and women cross-dressers.

1. TSDates.com

This is the ideal crossdresser dating site for you if you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, transsexuals, transgenders, crossdressers, and all their admirers. You will find a huge array of features here. Communication can be through private messaging chatrooms, whatever you like. You will need to be a full member to receive private messaging features as well as some of the finest features and benefits. To maximize your experience you can choose 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months plans. Join up to get the hottest videos, albums, members, and movies.

2. Adultfriendfinder.com

This group has been around since 1996. It’s where sexy, fun, and interesting people can find each other and connect. The sexuality of each individual is diverse and personal. Whatever your sexual preferences are, you will get the most out of your sexuality on this site. Adultfriendfinder gives you the perfect opportunity to become part of a community where passion, engagement, and exploration, are key. This is where you find people who will embrace your gender, appearance, and turn-ons, and celebrate it with you.

3. Dateacrossdresser.com

As you can hear by the name, this is one of crossdresser dating sites is fantastic for cross-dressing men and women. It will allow you to meet others that will understand precisely all about your special fantasies and desires. You will love the site because it is dedicated to matching crossdressers to partners for both male and female crossdressers. This makes it pretty unique. You will have no time wasted fitting in perfectly here.

4. Crossdresserdatingsite.com

This is another dating site specifically for crossdressers. You will find friendliness amongst both men and women who love crossdressing. Whatever you are looking for, just to be amongst similar like-minded people like you, whether it is some company you are looking for, or you want a like-minded relationship with someone like you. You will be most welcome to become part of this community.

If you love dressing up in lingerie or want to wear sexy outfits and high heels, you will find fun like-minded companions here. Here you will be able to voice your opinions and chat with others who will know exactly where you are coming from.


A lot of male cross-dressers might be married men. They might be the last kind of guys you would imagine wanting to dress up like a woman. Many of these men choose macho professions to help to hide their secret fantasies or to lessen their feminine side. A male cross-dresser usually derives great sexual excitement by identifying with a woman and her clothing. But he can also still maintain a heterosexual consciousness when out at his work and in the public. Sometimes, if they are married, their big fear is of being found out.

Check out The Tranny Guide, which is often referred to as “the tranny bible” – it’s got a lot of helpful and often humorous suggestions for crossdressers. A book that crossdressers might find useful is The Man in the Red Velvet Dress. Therapy won’t take away a cross-dresser’s desire to dress up as a woman, but it might just help you find peace with the situation, specifically if you have a girlfriend and are dating. We have also given you four websites where you can find like-minded people. Whether you are a new or an experienced cross-dresser, these dating sites can meet all your needs.


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